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Our Story

Hi Strathroy!

My name is Alex! Having been in the tech repair industry for over 18 years, I've become accustomed to finding solutions to problems. In the early years, I would often hear from my customer that they are from Strathroy and had to take hours out of their day to come into London to have their their phones, tablets, laptop, and game consoles repaired. Years later, it seems as through I'm helping someone from Strathroy daily because there aren't many quality options for quick, professional, and quality smartphone repairs. I knew the solution to this problem. Let's bring Professional Smartphone, Tablet, and Game Console repairs to Strathroy.  

I helped opened the first cellphone repair store in London, Ontario in 2004. We had no clue whether the cellphone was going to become a mainstream product, let alone the lifeline it has become. Fast forward almost two decades, the cell phone has become an extension of ourselves while I have helped open two of the busiest most reputable smartphone repairs stores in London, Ontario while also becoming an authorized technician for Apple, Samsung, and Google.

I believe quality service, quality parts, years of experience, and honesty are the most important mix of any successful business. I'm excited to finally bring my services to Strathroy, Ontario and look forward to meeting you at The Shops on Sydenham.

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